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Your Multi Market Trading Platform
EFG Hermes Pro offers superior dual functionality including the ability to trade and view multiple markets simultaneously on your desktop. Its state-of-the-art technology provides you with an innovative, convenient and secure platform that allows you to trade and view real-time data in Egypt, the UAE, KSA and Oman.


One Platform. A World of Opportunities.
EFG Hermes One’s state-of-the art trading platform offers you the ability to track and trade multiple MENA markets, global exchanges and a wide array of asset classes with just a click of a button. One was developed to incorporate EFG Hermes’ new cutting-edge online trading infrastructure. By running native in any web browsers on macOS & windows and on both iOS and Android, the platform has the look, feel, speed and stability that you have come to expect of your favorite mobile platform.
Award winning insights, on-ground expertise
With unrivalled on-the-ground access to the region’s major markets, the award-winning EFG Hermes Research Division has solidified its position as the region’s leading research house. The Research division provides products to the region’s major markets by virtue of its diversified portfolio, which includes in-depth coverage of 146 regional equities, equivalent to c. 60% of the aggregate regional market capitalisation, the broadest sampling of stocks available in the Middle East and North Africa.
Leverage Your Investment Potential
EFG Hermes Margin Trading helps you gain more trading power and an opportunity to realize higher returns to your investment portfolio. With EFG Hermes Margin Trading, you can leverage your cash into significantly larger trading positions, while allowing for the opportunity to maximize returns and the flexibility to pursue investment options that may have otherwise been out of reach.
Margin Trading
Devise your investment strategy
EFG Hermes Technical Analysis is a powerful tool for studying market trends, price patterns and collective investor behaviour through the analysis of historical price charts and trading volumes, and is an essential resource for any investor.
Technical Analysis


Access your funds 24/7
The EFG Hermes Securities Brokerage’s ATM network in Egypt lets you access your funds whenever you need, with no need to stop into a branch during business hours or pick up the phone to speak with our call center. Deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account — or check your account balance on-screen or through a printed mini-statement. All deposits, whether cash or proceeds from trading, are credited to your account on-the-spot, giving you the flexibility to execute timely trades with minimum hassle.
Friendly, expert service at a branch near you
Sometimes, there’s no substitute for the human touch. Speak with one of our relationship managers in person at any one of our branches.
Expert advice and assistance, whenever you need it
Our experienced, highly-trained brokers have got your back
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